New Winds Blowing In The Reflexion X Studio

I have been rethinking my music making strategies and what-not about the future of my music producing. I can't say I ever started to produce my music like a true professional so far. I have also not taking my journey too seriously either, so far.

I have written music and learning while doing it or sometimes just having some fun. But it's time to change it. Some of my tracks have been a bit stupid or embarassing, but that's what it has been, while just being a semi-professional.

I have a clear vision, how to go from here, though.
I will clean up my old music for now - some of the tracks need a bit more work, some need re-creating and some tunes can go into a "shit" folder collecting dust.

I'm going to focus into Electronic, Pop and Rap music, or combination of all these.
I am ready to put my career for a proper try.

The tools are a dreams come true - it's me that needs to use them right. Creative hat on and GO!!!!!!!